Dear friend!

My name is Andrej Istomin. I am a founder of a charitable organization "the Light of  Hope". At the behest of the heart and conscience and with no profit motive I’m trying to help sick children. Over the years I have gathered around myself a team of like-minded, and caring people, who share my ideas.

For more than 9 years "the Light of Hope" is giving its best to help sick children and orphans.

During our work many elderly people turn to us for help. They tell us about their lives, about their troubles and problems. Very often to our question "Do you have relatives who could take care of you?", we hear: "I'm lonely." And we help them with what we can. At some point, as there were more and more applications, we thought:  Why would an old man, having worked all his life, having given the best years and the energy to his vocation, be now on the sideline of life without anyone to care about him or her.

After reviewing the sad statistics, we realized that we needed to do something, try to find ways to help with this problem. We discussed this matter with my team, and studied the experience of many modern countries, and decided to make a first step to build a modern center for temporary and permanent residence of elderly people. Actually we had this on mind for a long time. And we even made the initial steps in this direction. In 2012 we developed the preliminary design for this project.

 Why are we motivated to build such a center?

Imagine a sick and lonely old man, his retirement pension is barely enough for cheap medicine and cheap food. And he still needs to pay for maintenance of the apartment. Someone a little healthier may be near the garbage bins to collect bottles and cardboard, earning a bit of money to buy bread. But there are those who have difficulty moving around the apartment and cannot serve themselves. They survive only thanks to compassionate and kind-hearted neighbors who would go to the store or a pharmacy for them. In such conditions it's hardly a time to think about pride or self-esteem. It's just a matter to live another day.

And imagine a well-maintained and comfortable facility with clean and homelike rooms, with full board and skilled nursing care. There is someone to talk over a cup of tea, opportunity to walk in the fresh air, watch TV, socialize with peers, and devote time to hobby. Opportunity to make a person feel normal and happy.

Of course, the construction of such a center needs a lot of money. We have given a deep thought how in terms of the current situation in Ukraine, with acts of war and deep economic crisis we can collect it. There are no people here who are ready for such investments during these times. So we decided to turn for help to concerned and sympathetic people around the world.

Feeling the strength and will to do it, with God in the heart, I decided to commence a unique project. I intend to make a sea voyage around the world on a sailing yacht.

  During the voyage, we plan to organize meetings with successful people, voluntary organizations, public associations, charitable foundations and representatives of the media.

We want to tell them about our project, to convey our hopes and expectations. And ask them for financial assistance and support. I have experience, I have a close-knit team of like-minded people, I have a technical possibility. And most importantly I have a great desire to do that.

We have developed a detailed plan for the implementation of our project. And the first step to achieve the intended purpose is the construction or acquisition of a sailing yacht for sea travel. Required amount is €,$170-200 thousands. Thank You for any and every cent.

This yacht for me is just a means to achieve the goal. After I finish my journey, I plan to sell it, and to direct all funds for the mentioned project. Therefore, no money will be wasted.

We are open to discuss any conditions with those who want to donate or invest their money. This charitable project is unique and has no analogues in the world.

For us, nothing is impossible. My friends and I sincerely believe that dreams come true. The dream of our organization is to make the world a better and kinder place.

If you have read this letter to the end, then you might be interested in our ideas. We have details of fundraising and you can choose the most convenient way for you to perform a noble deed.

My contacts:

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E-mail: avantag@ukr.net

Skype: avantag38


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 The contacts of the "the Light of Hope" charitable organization

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 Founder of a charitable organization "The Light of  Hope", Andrej Istomin